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Welcome at the Swiss-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Swiss-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1987 due to the growing trade activity between Switzerland and Portugal. Being Switzerland an important investor in Portugal, the Chamber acts as an intermediary between these two countries, promoting the matchmaking between companies, as well as the bilateral trade exchange of goods and services.

We promote:

the economic development between Portugal and Switzerland, particularly exports and imports and the co-operation between Portuguese and Swiss companies.

We find for you:

in both countries, suppliers, manufacturers, distribution partners, agents and companies interested in joint ventures.

We provide:

you with market studies, information regarding export and import procedures and with companies’ lists according to business sectors.

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We support you:

with the setting up of a company in Portugal and Switzerland, with the filing of a VAT refund request, with debt collection and the recruiting of key personnel.

We inform you:

about trade fairs, events and business opportunities.

Contact us:

The Chamber may help you to promote your products and services not only among its members but also with Portuguese and Swiss companies:

Furthermore, Chamber’s members benefit from best networking opportunities available during the events regularly organized by the Chamber.


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