Categories and fees

Categories and fees


According to the Chamber’s statutes, the Chamber has the following categories of members or associates:

Executive Members
Sponsors with exclusive rights.

Effective Members
Effective associates are singular or collective persons directly or indirectly involved in and willing to promote it Portuguese-Swiss economic exchange. Chamber employees are not allowed to be associated parties.

Honorary Members
Persons assigned this status for actual and relevant services rendered for the Swiss interests in Portugal.

Individual member
(only for a physical person, e.g. pensioners which want to continue to be linked to the CCISP).

Fees 2022

Individual Member
€ 150,00

Company or Association
€ 200,00 - 1 to 20 employees
€ 300,00 - 21 to 50 employees
€ 500,00 - 51 to 100 employees
€ 600,00 - 101 or more employees

Executive Members
Sponsors with exclusive rights.
In case of interest please contact:

Tax Benefit
All members can get a tax benefit with the setting of the costs corresponding to the value of the share, paid to CCISP (Article 44 of the CIRC).